A cultural heritage

Amlu is a nut butter made of almonds, argan oil and honey, used in Moroccan kitchens for centuries.

The key ingredient is culinary argan oil, which can only be sourced from the mountainous regions of Southern Morocco. The argan tree is seen as the “Tree of Life” by the Berber population for the many health benefits brought by its kernels. For centuries, Berbers developed a method to extract oil from the argan kernels, and soon introduced it in their diet.

Amlu is a breakfast must-have for many Moroccans, along with homemade pancakes and mint tea. More than just a breakfast ritual, Amlu is also used to bake cakes and cookies, to prepare salad dressings, or just dip a piece of bread into it and enjoy!

m&lou is bringing Amlu to you all, because treasures are meant to be shared!

A cooperative

The cooperative’s goal is to empower women through a number of programs and measures which include: competitive salaries to help them support their families, literacy program, as well as a legal and management training to teach them how to run the cooperative. Additionally, the cooperative is committed to provide environmental awareness trainings, and to preserve the argan grove by continuously planting new trees.

Our amlu is prepared in the southern regions of Morocco, by the women’s cooperative Ajdig N’targuinine, which means ‘argan blossom’ in Berber. Fair trade and sustainable development are the cooperative’s guiding principles.

Two friends

The founders are two passionate women who’s friendship dates back to high school. M and Lou grew up in Morocco, and after almost a decade of living in different cities, they happened to meet again in New York City, and to call it home.

m&lou is born from their desire to promote Moroccan culture internationally, starting from the delicious spread of their childhood.